Leadership challenges « à la carte »

How does it work?

Tackle one or severage of the 6 challenges before the World Walk

Your mission?

To fight the inequalities that affect young people!

Challenge 1: the Young Manifesto

Sign the Youth Manifesto and/or invite a local celebrity to sign the Youth Manifesto

Sign the Youth Manifesto so the fight against inequalities can be at the heart of government priorities. We are challenging young people to sign the Manifesto and to have it signed by people around them: teachers, family, friends, and why not their principal and mayor?

Challenge 2: Jeunes d'influence
(in French only)

Encouragez vos élèves à participer au projet Jeunes d’influence qui leur permettra d’accompagner une personnalité publique dans l’identification et la réalisation d’un geste en faveur de la parité.


Challenge 3: Reach out to the local media

Reach out to your local media to highlight your participation to the World Walk

We are asking students to send a press release to their local media to announce their school’s participation in the 49th World Walk.

Challenge 4: Invite workshops to your school

Invite workshops to your school

These free workshops enable students to reflect on themselves and on the inequalities they experience, to discover their personality type and to see how it can be paired with different modes of expression to initiate social change.

At the end of the workshops, participants will have determined their own course of action to fight the inequalities that preoccupy them.

Challenge 5: Organize a fundraiser

Organize a fundraiser and improve human lives

For more than 50 years, we have believed in a world where Québec youth can support other young people in the fight against inequality. We have inspiring stories and projects to share with your students.

This year, offer your students the opportunity to effect change in the lives of young people in our partner countries (Honduras and Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Challenge 6: Entertainment Tool Contest

Take part in the Entertainment Tool Contest

Express your solidarity through creative and eco-friendly ideas! Giant puppets, banners, costumes… make the World Walk a flamboyant event!

Proudly carry your entertainment tools and spread your messages on the “A place where we belong” or fair trade (for the Magasin du Monde network). In doing so, publicly sow the seeds of a world based on the values you believe in.

Present your creation at the Entertainment Tool Contest kiosk as soon as you arrive at the starting zone on the day of the Walk. You will be given an identification number. MANDATORY!

Plan transportation for your entertainment tools! For safety reasons, you will not be authorized to use the back doors of the bus to pull out your entertainment tools in the parking zone.

Stand out to win!

  • Use as many recyclables as you can.
  • Work in teams! A group can present more than one entertainment tool.
  • The entertainment tool must not slow down the procession: strength, weather resistance and lightness are criteria to consider. You will have to carry your tool for 6 kilometres!

If you make a banner, do not forget to pierce holes for the wind to pass through.

World Walk is supported by our partners

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