Youth summit on inequality

On August 10 and 11, 2016, hundreds of youth from all over the world will meet for the Youth Summit on Inequality, organised by Oxfam with its youth partners and allies.

Current economic and political systems generate extreme inequalities that hit young people hard, both in the South and in the North. High youth unemployment and underemployment rates, the precariousness of available jobs, inadequate funding of public education, exclusion from decision-making circles, the reduction of spaces for citizen participation and the consequences of climate change are all issues that greatly affect young people and cause them serious concern.

Young people are not remaining passive in the face of this situation. They are mobilizing and generating significant change on all continents. Through their skills, energy and creativity, young people have the potential to transform power relations and build inclusive and sustainable societies. Taking as a starting point the importance given to youth in its 2013-2019 Strategic Plan, Oxfam is working together with young people and their organizations to eliminate the obstacles that prevent them from exercising their rights, participating fully in the development of their society, and making their voices heard effectively in decision-making processes.

The Youth Summit on Inequality will form part of the WSF Youth Space and aim to articulate and to canalize youth proposals to fight extreme inequalities that are a major barrier to their development. The Summit, a key moment for networking and interaction, will allow to : 

  • Foster exchanges and networking between youth organizations, networks and movements working towards social and climate justice;
  • Support the articulation and dissemination of youth agendas for fighting inequalities;
  • Strengthen the Youth Active Citizenship Community of Oxfam and its youth partners.

The first day of the Summit is open to all the participants to the WSF. You will also have the possibility to extend the reflexion with the Oxfam community on the second day of the Summit, on August 11.