The Youth Seat was created in 2019 to make sure you participate in creating the guidelines and making important decisions about Oxfam’s youth activities in Quebec. These include the World Walk, the Magasin du Monde (World Shop), our workshops, and more. We want to ensure our programming is developed BY, FOR and WITH you.

What is the Youth Seat?

You can take part in the Youth Seat from any location in Quebec. By doing so, you will:


Become an ambassador for Oxfam-Québec’s youth projects, and work to gather opinions and recommendations from other young people like you


Collaborating with their peers to gather their opinions and recommendations


Help us to build a new sense of digital engagement


Help us create some new leadership challenges for the 2021 World Walk

Interested in applying for the Youth Seat?

The requirements are:


You must be between 12 and 17 years old


You must be a high school student


You must have taken part in a World Walk or other Oxfam-Québec activity in the past


You must be available for a few meetings. They will be held either online or at Oxfam-Québec’s Montreal office (your travel expenses will be covered)


You must have the consent of your parents/guardians and your school/counselor.

Siège jeunesse 2020-2021
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