Engage with other young people for a fairer world

Every year, thousands of young people between the ages of 12 and 30 get involved with Oxfam-Québec to help attain sustainable development objectives through a range of activities, networks and workshops within a broad frame of global citizenship education.

Get involved in stimulating activities

Take part in the World Walk

This festive, colourful and vibrant event enables you to take a stand about the world in which you want to live.

Ages 12 and over

Stand up for the planet

A symbolic, unifying gesture that demonstrates your commitment to climate justice.

Ages 12 and over

Join an influential network

Advocate for equality with « For Her Too »

Take action today to speed the pace in ensuring power is shared equally between men and women.

Ages 18 and over

Drive social change with Amplify

Build alliances and innovate to find sustainable solutions to resolve gender inequality, climate change and violent extremism.

Ages 18 and over

Develop lasting solutions with Generation Inclusion

Gather information and build knowledge on sexist and racist stereotypes in Quebec in order to better combat them.

Ages 18 and over

Exert your influence by joining the « Youth Observatory »

Contribute to Oxfam-Québec’s strategic direction on issues of interest to young people.

Ages 18 and over

Contribute to major decisions by joining the « Youth Seat »

Take part in Oxfam-Québec’s decisions relating to its youth activities in Quebec.

Ages 12 and over

Manage a World Shop

Sell fair trade products to help fund sustainable development projects.

Ages 12 and over

Gain knowledge through educational workshops

Take action for climate

Work toward solutions to address the consequences of climate change.

Ages 12 and over

Free to choose

Learn about human and sexual rights – and how they might be violated.

Ages 12 and over

If you have any questions – including about educational resources (turnkey guides and activities) – please contact:

Youth Engagement Agent (12-18 years)
514 937-1614, extension 289

Youth Engagement Agent (18-30 years)
514 937-1614, extension 370

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