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Your opinion is important to us. Engage in discussions, ask questions, share information! Your comments strengthen the citizen power that we work to defend, enrich public discourse, and contribute to exercising our freedom of expression. We want the public spaces on Oxfam-Québec’s social media accounts to be pleasant places for everyone. We also want to ensure these spaces reflect our core values. That’s why we ask that you respect the following rules.


Respect all laws in force

For example, do not post any comments that could be deemed insulting, intimidating, hateful, or discriminatory, or infringe on a person’s privacy, reputation, copyright, or presumption of innocence.


Phrase your comments in a respectful, courteous way

Even though you post in front of a screen, communicate as through you were in a public place, speaking to someone you have never met before.


Respect differences of opinion

Everyone is entitled to self-expression, provided comments are phrased respectfully and in a law-abiding way.


Post relevant comments

To enrich the discussion, make sure to stay on topic and include your sources, and do not repeatedly post the same content.

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Post content that is clear and easy to understand

For readability, we recommend using standard English.


We reserve the right to delete any comment which does not meet these rules, without prior warning. We also reserve the right to ban and report any profile that posts comments inciting hate or violence.

Any question?


514 937-1614

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