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Stop the war in Yemen! End the arms deal

Yemen is experiencing the “world’s worst humanitarian disasteraccording to the UN. This crisis is the result of an armed conflict that intensified in 2015. Yemen is the target of weapons sold by Canada to Saudi Arabia. As a result of the hostilities, the population is unable to meet their basic needs and is struggling with famine, among other things. It is time to act! Stop selling arms to stop the war in Yemen!

Arms sold by Canada to Saudi Arabia are targeting Yemen


Yet Global Affairs Canada recently stated it found “no credible evidence” linking its arms exports to human rights violations committed by Saudi Arabia.

We must act now! Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Austria have already taken measures to terminate the transfer of arms to this country.

What is Canada waiting for?

Yemenis face a critical situation

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic


Almost 7 civilians have been killed every day since 2015


Soon 1 in 2 people will not have enough to eat


Gender violence has increased by 63% since 2015

Together, we have the power to save lives

war in Yemen

Yemen cannot wait any longer. Make a difference today.

Add your voice to that of over 3,000 others to show your support and demand the Canadian government put an immediate end to its agreement with Saudi Arabia.

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