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Become a member: why and how?

Oxfam-Québec is above all a people’s movement. Our members are at the heart of our action. They give us the momentum and legitimacy needed to combat injustice and poverty and make the future equal. Becoming an Oxfam-Québec member means gaining power. That’s right! Power. You may wonder why and how. Or ask who can become a member. Here are some answers to these questions and more.

Why become an Oxfam-Québec member?

1. To accompany families as they lift themselves out of poverty

soutienTo become a member, you must make a donation. This contribution isn’t symbolic: your gift provides direct and concrete support to communities in the countries where we work. Thanks to you, they can lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way. As such, the impact of your gift is felt for years after a project ends.

2. To address the root causes of inequality

drapeauIt’s important to provide regular support to communities that experience poverty and inequality. However, we must also address the root causes of the problem. Our network and your support allow us an unmatched strength to build a just world, without poverty. Your gift allows us to educate and mobilize the public, and to remain independent as we call on decision makers to change the rules of the game through concrete action. Because there is strength in numbers, we can work to amplify each member’s voice.

3. To send a message to governments

mégaphoneEach donation you make is tax deductible. As you lower your tax payments, governments must make up for the difference. In other words, you’re directing government funds towards a cause you care about, namely reducing inequality. The more people join you in making donations, the more we can show our governments that Quebecers care about combating poverty and inequality.

4. To influence Oxfam-Québec’s overall direction

panneauxMembers elect the Board of Directors, which in turn appoints the Executive Director. The Board also approves the organization’s strategic direction and budget. As a member, you have the power to influence the organization’s overall direction by choosing the people who will steer it forward. Keep an eye on your inbox to take part in October’s AGM and exercise your right to vote!

5. To grant Oxfam-Québec financial independence

camembertTo call on governments about inequality and poverty, criticize policies and propose new solutions, Oxfam-Québec needs to be independent of government funding. Through your donation, you’re making it possible for Oxfam-Québec to support important projects independently of government funds, produce expert reports and critique government policies—all while retaining its autonomy.

Who can become a member of Oxfam-Québec?

Just about anyone who’s recently shown a commitment to social justice with Oxfam-Québec. Specifically, a member is any person who:

⇨ has made a donation to Oxfam-Québec, unless this person is employed by Oxfam-Québec or represents an organization (business, non-profit, NGO, etc.)

⇨ or has returned from a volunteer cooperation assignment

Members retain their status for one year following their last donation (regardless of the amount) or for one year following the end of their volunteer assignment.

How do I become an Oxfam-Québec member?

If you’re not already a member, you can become one by making a commitment to social justice now. All you need to do is make a donation.

flècheI make a donation

Other questions? Here are some answers.

What are my obligations as a member?

You have no particular obligation.

What are my rights as a member?

As a member, you have the right to vote at the Oxfam-Quebec Annual General Meeting. You will be able to vote on the proposals that will be submitted and thus influence the main orientations of the organization.

How long is my membership status valid for?

One year after your last donation.

Can I refuse to be a member?

Yes. Everyone who makes a donation to Oxfam-Québec is a de facto member, but if you do not wish to be a member, you can let us know by contacting member services: don.oxfamqc@oxfam.org or at (514) 937-1614 (option 1).

Will I receive a membership card?

No. To avoid fees, we will not issue cards to members.

Does my membership give me any benefits, such as discounts?

No. Membership status does not give the right to privileges.

To contact member services:


514 937-1614 (option 1)

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