A climate of justice

Let’s put an end to the carbon privilege and shuffle the deck on climate.

The ultra-rich pollute the most

Alone, the world’s wealthiest 10% are responsible for over half of all carbon emissions. Although the poorest populations are least responsible for climate change, they are most severely affected by the impacts of extreme climate variations: floods, storms, droughts and more.

The government must take action

To reduce inequalities while tackling the climate crisis, the government must take action now to promote a fair transition.

Together, let’s demand a greener, fairer and more inclusive economic recovery that encourages a tax on the wealthiest among us and reduces their carbon consumption!

Carbon inequalities worldwide

Global warming may reach the 1.5°C threshold by 2033 simply due to the carbon consumption of the world’s wealthiest 10%.

International climate action

In actuality, 1/3 of the promised aid will be paid by rich nations to emerging countries, to combat climate change.

Other ways to get involved

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