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Celebrating 50 years
of commitment to equality

Hamda, 31, supervises the technical team of a recycling project in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. Photo: Monther Abutarha / Oxfam (January 2023)

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For Oxfam-Québec, poverty and discrimination are born of inequality.

That’s why, for 50 years, we’ve been working on behalf of communities facing injustice around the world.

And that’s why we put women at the heart of everything we do, to build a equal future.

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How does Oxfam-Québec look in 2023? For our 50th anniversary, we’re opening a guestbook. Your stories are so important to us! Text, poem, drawing, image, voice recording, song, video… So many ways to express your creativity!

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Working together towards equality for 50 years

Oxfam-Québec's 50th anniversary chronology

In 1942, a group of British academics founded the “Oxford Committee for Famine Relief“, which later became Oxfam. The organization’s reputation and impact led others to open up around the world.

Oxfam Canada was born in 1963, Oxfam-Québec in 1973 and six others around the world. In 1995, these organizations joined forces to form Oxfam International, in order to pool their efforts.

In 50 years, Oxfam-Québec has grown. In 1992, it took over the activities of OCSD, which was also active in international cooperation. In 2005, it merged with Club 2/3, which focused on youth mobilization.

And today, for the first time in its history, Oxfam-Québec is launching an ambitious fundraising campaign to support women’s leadership around the world.

Women’s leadership in action

Discover the inspiring stories of three women who, driven by their desire to support their communities, have succeeded in rallying people around the initiatives they lead.

Hamda, a Syrian refugee, supervises a team

Janet campaigns for a better healthcare system

Marcelline is a leader in her community

Oxfam-Québec promotes women’s leadership

Women and girls are the most affected by inequality. To reduce this injustice in a sustainable way, we act on four main axes at once.


Sexual and reproductive rights

Voices of

of young people


Events to celebrate 50 years of action

August 28, 2023

Launch of our advertising campaign “Together for 50 years to fight inequality”
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September 12, 2023

Oxfam-Québec’s 50th anniversary recognized at the National Assembly

October 17, 2023

Annual General Meeting

October 20 and 21, 2023

50 years of action: film-debate at the cinémathèque

February 23, 2024

Citizen Power Day at the heart of science at UQAM
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Spring 2024

Photo exhibition at the Montréal Biosphère

June 2024

A festive event!

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