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Organize a matched donation

Sometimes, an organization will make a donation that equals or exceeds a gift made by its staff. This is known as “matching” a gift. Matching increases the value of a gift, with no additional cost to the company’s employees. It also allows organizations to support social causes while also gaining tax benefits.

Why match a gift to Oxfam-Québec?

  • Both the organization and its staff will gain tax benefits
  • Gift-matching by an organization strengthens its members’ sense of ownership and rallies them around common values such as reducing global inequality and combating poverty
  • The donating employees, and the business that matches this gift, are supporting each other in expressing their solidarity and encouraging each other to persevere

How to match a gift to Oxfam-Québec

  1. Ask my company’s Human Resources department whether this kind of gift matching program already exists.
  2. Complete the participation form obtained from Human Resources.
  3. Send the form to Oxfam-Québec, along with your donation.

Where can I learn more about gift matching?

For more information on gift matching, you can contact Oxfam-Québec directly:


By mail to:

Service aux membres d’Oxfam-Québec
2330, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal (Québec) H3J 2Y2


By phone:
514 937-1614 (option 1)

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