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Transferring stock shares

Stock share donations are especially beneficial when their value has spiked significantly on the market. Like all securities donations,A security is a category of financial securities which notably includes stocks and bonds stock share donations are especially suitable for people wishing to make a major gift without drawing on their cash reserves.

Why donate stock shares to Oxfam-Québec?

  • I don’t pay capital gains tax when I transfer stock shares to a charitable organization like Oxfam-Québec.
  • I’m eligible for attractive tax credits
  • I don’t have to handle the sale of my stock shares. By transferring my securities to Oxfam-Québec, the organization will be responsible for this sale.
  • I’m efficiently contributing to  reducing global inequality.
  • I want to become an Oxfam-Québec member to help guide the organization’s main directives.

How to donate stock shares to Oxfam-Québec?

  1. Complete this downloadable form and send it to Oxfam-Québec.
  2. Once the shares have been transferred, Oxfam-Québec will handle their sale (usually on the same day).
  3. Oxfam-Québec will issue a tax receipt equivalent to the market value of the transferred shares.

To learn more about stock share donations

You can communicate directly with Oxfam-Québec:


By mail addressed to:

Service aux membres d’Oxfam-Québec
2330, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal (Québec) H3J 2Y2


By phone: 514 937-1614 (option 1)

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