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HAITI: Adapting coffee production to climate change

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In Haiti, a succession of natural disasters has weakened coffee crops, a major issue for an economy based primarily on agriculture. Thus, producers must urgently develop sustainable agriculture practices. With the support of its local partners, Oxfam-Québec is offering training courses, technical expertise and support to cooperatives and their members, in an effort to breathe new life into coffee production.

PROJECT: “Kafe Makaya”


13,000 people supported
(57% women)


(south of Haiti)


2019 – 2024
(5 years)

Haitian coffee production afflicted by chronic instability

Agriculture is a primary activity in Haiti, a country where over 70% of rural families live below the poverty line. A once-proud national activity, the marketing of coffee is currently on the decline due to environmental, political and economic roadblocks.

Coffee plantations have suffered from extreme climate conditions. Drought and flood cycles as well as other natural disasters have exacerbated soil erosion and deforestation. Moreover, political instability and the absence of economic support measures have hampered development of the agricultural sector.

Improving the daily life of an entire community

By 2024, this project will do more than promote the sustainable recovery of coffee production.


13,000 people supported and nearly 64,000 indirect beneficiaries


350 women and young entrepreneurs trained in management and governance of agricultural enterprises


Strengthening of 10 coffee production and processing cooperatives


Setting up of 7 demonstration farms (harvesting, transformation…)


Training of 50 people to ensure the transmission of knowledge after the end of the project


120 micro-grants to support the start-up or expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises in the coffee sector


50 micro-grants for the acquisition of green equipment and technologies


Distribution of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers, etc.)

The need to adapt coffee farms

Communities in southern Haiti need to develop sustainable agriculture that can adapt to both climate change and the demands of local and international markets.

With its partners and in collaboration with government authorities, Oxfam-Québec is contributing to the revival of coffee growing by adopting an agroecological and agroforestry approach.

Integrated into Oxfam’s regional program “Café Caribe”, the Kafé Makaya project encourages the economic autonomy of women and youth.

Feeding your community, one garden at a time

The activities carried out on site allow for the diversification of crops complementary to coffee, such as yams, bananas and other fruit trees. These crops are easy to sell on the market and bring additional income to the producers while improving the nutrition of the whole community. 

To combat the increasingly frequent droughts, Oxfam-Québec will install water harvesting systems. Simple to use, these systems allow families to have quick and sustainable access to water, both for personal consumption and for irrigation.

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