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Welcome! Thanks to your monthly donation, you are now part of the largest global movement to fight inequality. From Peru to Burkina Faso, and from Nigeria to Syria, your generosity brings to life sustainable projects that benefit entire families and communities. Together, you make up a powerful force that can truly end poverty, once and for all. Thank you!

You are changing lives!

Each month, thousands of people benefit from your generosity. Let us introduce them to you!

Victoire was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where one child out of ten will not see the age of five and one woman out of 24 will die of maternal causes. Through your contribution, you will ensure that more babies are born healthy into our world. Learn more.

Mariam’s eyes are filled with determination. And with good reason: she has chosen a profession that few women practise in Quebec, let alone Jordan. Meet Mariam.

Nidal is a 7-year-old boy who lives in Aleppo, Syria. So far, he’s only known war. See what your monthly donation has made possible.

Gregoria, a mother of two, lives in Bolivia. After separating from her husband, she struggled to support her family. In this country, only 20% of women have access to decent employment. Find out how, thanks to you, she is breaking away from poverty.

The Oxfam movement

All donors to Oxfam-Québec are members of the organization. You will be able to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting in October. That way you can influence major decisions affecting our organization and make your voice heard. Welcome!

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