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Organize a fundraiser

Organizing a fundraising event is a fun way to finance a project or cause, bring people together, broaden your social circle, and educate others about the many ways we can all tackle inequality in our world.

Why organize a fundraiser for Oxfam-Québec?

By contributing to Oxfam-Québec’s projects, you are doing much more than wishing for justice. You are helping to make it happen. Oxfam-Quebec supports hundreds of communities in several countries to :

How to organize an Oxfam-Québec fundraiser

1. Before the event, contact Oxfam-Québec for customized tips and ideas, as well as useful tools including:

  • a dedicated logo for my activity
  • an organizers’ guide
  • templates for emails you can send out
  • a how-to guide to create a page on canadon.org
  • donation forms

You can contact Oxfam-Québec:

2. After the event I send the proceeds to Oxfam-Québec by making a secure online payment or by sending a check by mail to:

Member Services – Oxfam-Québec
2330 Notre-Dame Street West
Montréal (QC) H3J 2Y2

Some fundraising ideas

There are many fundraising activities, ranging from the traditional to the unique and original. Here are a few suggestions.

Sell items or provide services

Garage sales

My closet is bursting! My car no longer fits in my garage! My basement is so full I can’t see the floor anymore! These are sure signs that it’s time for a garage sale.

Why not double the goodness by donating the profits of this clean-up effort to the fight against inequality? You can even collect unwanted items from people around you, or invite your neighbours and turn it into a big street-wide event.

Many municipalities don’t even require a permit to hold a garage sale over a long weekend. Contact your specific town for more details.

Prepared food sale or Fair trade chocolate sale

You make a terrific shepherd’s pie, and some delicious jams. Why not sell your prepared foods and join the fight against malnutrition?

The simplest ideas are often the best ones. You can buy boxes of fair trade chocolate and give them to your Mom, your friend, or your sister-in-law for sale at their workplace or offices.


Ask relatives and friends to donate goods or services (my best friend’s knitted hat, Dad’s famous lasagna, a hair cut and blow-dry from my cousin), then post them on a Facebook event.

People have a certain amount of time to post their bid ($50 for the toque, $12 for the lasagna). The highest bid wins the prize and I collect the funds.

Hold a birthday fundraiser

“This year, I’m asking for only one birthday gift. Help me raise funds to support projects led by Oxfam-Québec, an organization that works every day to fight poverty, and which means a lot to me.”

You can publish a message like this on your Facebook fundraising page:

Donate your talents to the cause

Do you make great kombucha? Are you an expert at Marie Kondo-style organizing? How about asking for a donation in exchange for your talents?

Challenge others through games

Half and half raffle

All participants pay an entry fee. The winner leaves with half of the proceeds, while the other half is donated to Oxfam-Québec. Possible activities include:

  • A board game or video gaming tournament
  • A quiz night with themed or general-knowledge questions
  • A rally in which participants play as a team to find specific items; for example, a list of places to photograph in your town/neighbourhood

Are you game?

Announce that you will take up a specific challenge provided you raise a certain amount of money. Possible challenges might include:

  • Overcoming a fear (e.g. touching a tarantula or a snake)
  • Breaking a bad habit (no swearing for a week; no alcohol for a month, etc.)
  • Something unusual or funny (e.g. going to work in a bunny costume)
  • Not speaking for 24 hours or longer

A practically perfect dinner

Identify a few people who are up for the challenge of putting together a meal (cocktail, appetizer, main dish, sides, dessert). Then, invite the group to sample the prepared dinners, and charge an entry fee. At the end of the meal, everyone has a chance to vote for their favourites.

Karaoke nights

Organize a karaoke night, and charge all participants an entry fee.


Planning to take part in a road, bike, or horse race? Why not ask your loved ones to support you by making a donation to Oxfam-Québec!

Learning and laughter for your friends and family

Lunch and Learn

Invite a speaker that would interest certain members of your circle – for example, a well-known personality in your academic or professional milieu. Then order some muffins, scones, and coffee, and collect an entry fee from each conference attendee.

Gnarly gnomes

Set up a bulky or embarrassing item (a huge garden gnome, a pink flamingo, a mannequin, etc.) in the office of a co-worker with a great sense of humour, then leave a note saying the item will be removed in exchange for a donation of a specific value. If your co-worker doubles that donation, the object will be moved to another office of the donor’s choosing.

Magasin du Monde

Open a Magasin du Monde at your high school or CEGEP. Through the sale of fair trade products, you will be helping to support sustainable development projects.

Your “nicest ugly sweater”

Organize a nicest ugly sweater day at your workplace. For $5, employees can wear their favourite “ugly” clothing items such as sweaters, ties, pants, earrings, etc.

OxJam shows

Rap, choral, dance, slam, comedy, poetry…. You can invite artists to take part in a show, and donate the proceeds to Oxfam-Québec to make a real difference in this world.

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