Taxing wealth : flattening inequalities

COVID-19 affects each and every one of us. The pandemic’s effects would be even worse without our public services and social safety nets; more Canadians would be pushed into a precarious situation, and more lives threatened.

We cannot risk compromising or weakening our essential services through new austerity measures imposed during the economic recovery. Funding for this recovery must not involve cuts to public services, despite the looming risk of a recession. To ensure this is the case, the wealthiest individuals and businesses must pay their fair share.

Together, let’s demand a fairer, greener, and more inclusive economic recovery, financed through a tax on wealth!!

For tax justice measures that are environmentally-responsible

We demand that Canada fund its local and international response to the COVID-19 crisis through a wealth tax and a set of environmentally-responsible tax justice measures. We must act now! This is the Canadian government’s opportunity to become the world leader in tax justice it claims to be.

The Trudeau government must quickly mobilize to:

Raise taxes
on the wealthiest
among us

Go after
money hidden
in tax havens

Tax luxury items
and polluting products

Web giants

For a fairer, greener and more inclusive economy

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic must not lead to another decade of austerity and the further weakening of already cash-strapped public systems. It must enable us to rebuild an economy that is capable of tackling inequalities and climate change.

Strengthening public services

Numerous governments implemented austerity measures following the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Throughout Quebec, across Canada, and worldwide, cuts to public services led to soaring inequalities and weakened healthcare systems – the same systems which are struggling to respond to the pandemic today.

Let’s not repeat the mistakes we made in 2008. Our response to this pandemic must allow us to rebuild an economy capable of combatting inequality. This recovery can be funded without austerity measures, by taxing wealth.

Taxing extensive wealth

COVID-19 affects all of us. However, extraordinary profits are still being generated in certain economic sectors. This wealth must be taxed in order to:

  • Bring financial relief to all who need it, based on inclusive criteria.

  • Support struggling businesses, provided they take concrete measures to protect the planet and its citizens.

  • Take part in meeting the real needs of international public health efforts.

You have the power to flatten inequalities…
by signing a petition!

Show the Canadian government that you support a fairer, greener and more inclusive economy.

Make a difference today – and for decades to come!